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Water, oil, or solvents carry the minute chalk dust deep into the pores of the boards. That's why blackboards become gray...green boards become hazy, and color contrast is reduced, making reading difficult.

Oils or solvents of any kind soften slate, do not completely dry making immediate writing impossible. Braham Cloths remove chalk dust completely, leaving no residue. And you can use your clean board immediately!


By using Braham Cloths each and every school day, your boards will soon be restored to a "like new" condition. Each cloth will last over one year in an average room. Braham Cloth costs less than a sponge and bucket.

  • Eliminates water, oils & solvents
  • Leaves no residue
  • Removes all dust. Boards are instantly ready to use.
  • Safe on any chalkboard surface
  • Reduces glare & eyestrain
  • Low cost - cloths last all year
  • Money back guarantee
  1. First use eraser, removing as much chalk as possible from chalkboard.
  2. Now apply Braham Cloth lightly to surface of board, stroking with side to side motion, overlapping as you progress. This removes chalk from pores, returning board to "new" appearance.
  3. No need to press hard...Braham Cloths only pick up the chalk, leaves no residue.
  4. When one side of a Braham Cloth becomes impregnated with chalk, fold to a new clean side and continue as before.
  5. When finished, do not shake out the cloth; after a few hours, absorption will restore the cloth to its original color and condition. Replace in closed plastic container to insure longer life.


Unexcelled for cleaning and polishing all metals quickly and easily.

The result of a scientific accomplishment combining the most desirable qualities and eliminating the undesirable features of similar products makes Gold Crown Metal polish unexcelled for quickly and easily cleaning and polishing gold, silver, nickel, brass, aluminum, glassware, reflectors, etc.

Containing no acids or harmful ingredients of any kind, Gold Crown Metal Polish is used without injury to metal or hands. Gold Crown Metal Polish polishes without the slightest scratch as it contains no grit.

  • Unsurpassed for fast polishing
  • Requires no shaking
  • Does not settle
  • Does not evaporate
  • Non Flammable
  • Will not scratch surfaces
  • Has no obnoxious odor
  • Contains no harmful ingredients

Rub slightly with a few drops applied on a piece of soft cloth and bring to a brilliant polish by a few strokes with a clean soft cloth.

Keep out of reach of children.